Service & Warranty Administrative Coordinator
Consumer & Customer Care
Full Time
Mexico, Mexico

*Strong Candidate Identified*

Lead the audit and payment of warranty expenses, Service and Financial data and present managerial reports for CA&C, Mexico and Puerto Rico.


  • Lead and provide guidance and support to the audit team.
  • Compile, analyze and make a second level audit to the audited services made by the audit team.
  • Process credits and Wire transfers to service providers due to labor and parts consumption.
  • Process credits to Customers due to authorized product replacements.
  • Generate alerts to prevent and correct potential fraud.
  • Detect, inform and recommend actions regarding products and models with high Warranty Cost.
  • Present reports related to warranty cost, Service performance, parts consumption, Parts Sales, product replacement and net promoter Score.
  • Monitor processing of replacement products, alerting about negative trends. 
  • Lead initiatives to enhance reporting capabilities.
  • Propose actions and initiatives to reduce the warranty expense.
  • Manage and maintain the Warranty administration System (CCS).
  • Provide reports and analysis for Quality Claims.
  • Work with the finance areas to ensure the accurate booking of the warranty expense aligned with the company policies.
  • Coordinate and conciliate with the credit area all matters related to discounts and credits related to Warranty.

Minimum Qualification

  • Bachelor degree, Experience in business, Quality and/or Warranty Analysis.


  • Fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Computer literate
  • Very analytical.
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal & written
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Very Good expertise in Microsoft Excel.
  • Focus on results.