Software Lab Technician
Full Time
Hangzhou, China

Key responsibilities

· Preparation of check-plans ( components, concepts)

- Define relevant specifications and ensure testing on:

- Thermal and electrical safety according to internal/external standards, including preparation of relevant documentation)

- Energy consumption

- Noise

- Feature performance (eg. Front temp )

- Cooking performance

- Environmental impact

- Components/product reliability/Lifetime

- Components performance

- Materials (e.g. surface cleanability…)

- Transportation

- Software


· Provide improvement proposals to platforms

· Ensure compliance with work environment and safety regulations

· Support Platforms, Product Care and technologies in relevant testing

· Proper maintenance of test equipment according to ISO9001.

· Perform Benchmarking activities

· Participate in concept development

· Support the timely delivery of assigned R & D projects /new procedures in collaboration with Platform Leaders.

· Participate in Project Teams

· When necessary, support the introduction and ramp-up of new models designed by the R&D Department into production (whether directly or indirectly involved)

Minimum Qualification

Key functional qualifications

· Precision in project targets achievement (time, quality, cost)

· Proven experience in a testing and evaluation facility

· Knowledge of authority approval to:

o Asia Pacific: CCC(for China), AN/NZS(for Australia and New Zealand)

o EMEA:EN, IEC standards and environmental rules

o LA: IEC, Specific Standards for LA countries


· Familiarity with typical testing methodologies (DoE, statistical methodologies, CFD, Weibull analysis…)

· Relevant experience working with electric / electronic systems available for laboratory purpose

· Practical problem solving skills with a strong sense of applied engineering both mechanical and electrical. This should include the ability to make mechanical and electrical modifications to test samples or appliances; fault finding; understanding of electrical wiring and circuit diagrams

Generic qualifications

· Deep product knowledge

· Testing and evaluation

· Knowledge of standards

· Processes – PCP, IPDP, EC