Spares and C&A Senior Planner
Supply Chain
Full Time
Beverley, South Australia

Your role

The Senior Planner will be responsible for strategic purchasing of materials and components to support our expanding Spare Parts and Accessory operation.  You will be working in a small team based at the National Distribution Centre in Beverley.  This role is primarily focused on ordering components in line with variable demand schedule while maintaining key KPI’s surrounding inventory levels and freight costs.

Right at the very beginning of our journey to creating better customer experiences, the value and quality we achieve in Planning shapes everything we do. So as a Spares Planner, your negotiation and relationship building skills will be critical to the continued flow of components to our new and existing customers. 

A regular day at work

You will ensure we have the right tools, components and consumables where and when we need them. That means developing and maintaining great relationships with stakeholders, knowing our business inside out and understanding suppliers so that you can manage and refine the supply chain as required.  Managing the supply chain with our key freight forwarding agent will present opportunities to improve the flow of material across several different modes.  Knowing your customers, seasonal demand and component complexities you will be able to manage stock levels to an optimum level.


  • Agile -You work with urgency, analyzing and adapting to different situations, quickly understanding changes and reacting confidently and decisively.
  • Negotiator – Through building good working relationships, understanding your suppliers and supply chain business partners, you will work together to build unique solutions to complex supply issues.
  • A problem-solver - You see challenge as opportunity.  Weather is it is a pricing issue, supply chain issue or technical issue, you again will leverage your own experience and those of the people around you to come to an effective solution.
  • Analytical – with an eye for detail and the ability to interpret complex data in to useful reports that provide the team with advance details in regards to the health of our business.
  • Collaborative – you build trust, good working relationships and communicate effectively with your colleagues and customers at all levels.
  • Results driven – Maximizing efficiencies and hitting KPIs are just the beginning, your real passion is delivering products that change the lives of our consumers, providing then with a remarkable customer experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Comply with all safety, quality and environmental procedures and practices within your area of work.
  • Management of Current Suppliers. Raise and on time orders with your local and overseas suppliers with an understanding of lead-times relevant to manufacturing and transport.  Monitor the order for acceptance and timely dispatch.  Using online systems, monitor the progress shipment and update internal.
  • Management:  Target : Ensure weekly reports are prepared and updated with current information. Ensure settings and key information is accurate and reviewed.
  • Component is fit for purpose. .Target : After successfully resourcing or recommencing a component, you will have had detailed discussion with our Technical and Quality departments. 
  • New Products or suppliers.  Target : Understand the unique requirement of each new product or component, establish pricing and lead-times within the system. Gather information from the relevant departments to ensure the first order is in line with similar component demand.


  • Kitting Scheduling.  Target: Maintain kit BOM’s and scheduling in line with demand and working with the relevant departments to support promotions.


  • Team Performance. Target: With an eye on current KPI’s, work with your team using the current “best practices”  as detailed in our departmental SOP and update and improve were more efficient practices are identified.


  • SAP Implementation. Target: Prepare yourself to be a key focus for the implementation of SAP into our business.  Become a “current” system expert to ensure the daily requirements are implemented and reflected in the upcoming SAP implementation.





Knowledge Skills & Abilities Required

  • A high degree of Supply Chain experience.
  • Experience working with SAP applications.  Implementation experience would be adventageous.
  • Collaboration and liaison skills in respect to internal personnel - Technical, Quality and Sales division.
  • Good computer application skills. (i.e. Word, Excel, Access, etc.)
  • Ability to represent the organization with integrity and professionalism.
  • Ability to lead the team in the absence of the Purchasing Manager.

Education & experience

  • High standard of education.
  • Experience gained within a similar role.
  • Experience gained in a larger matrix, international FMCG, automotive or similarly complex business.

Keeping you Healthy and Safe

  • We want you to return home in even better shape than when you started, so we need you to help us do this by making sure you follow a few simple steps. We need you to:
  • Make sure you take reasonable care for your own health and safety, and
  • Take reasonable care that what you do (or what you don’t do when you should have) doesn’t affect the health and safety of others, and
  • Follow reasonable instructions that we might give from time-to-time, such as reporting incidents and hazards, and
  • Follow policies or procedures, so long as it’s reasonable and we’ve told you about it, and
  • Attend training that helps you to work safely

Person Specification

  • A 4 year degree in Business studies or equivalent
  • 3 years experience in a Supply Chain or similar environment
  • Previous experience within manufacturing or tooling environment would be beneficial.
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