Sr Gas Product Engineer
Full Time
Springfield, Tn


To develop gas products for the EMANA Cooking group based on corporate and management directives; apply sound engineering principles to accomplish expected goals and objectives; initiate actions necessary to begin new programs and follow them through production release.


Responsible for the day to day design and development of all gas cooking products and/or components.  Development assignments can range in complexity from component level modification to a complete platform and system redesign.  Applies engineering principles to effectively accomplish goals and objectives on time and within cost constraints.  Interfaces with all departments, vendors and customers within the scope of the position to achieve desired results.  This person will have specific knowledge of Gas Product and Component Development, testing methods, and good overall mechanical engineering knowledge as it would apply to product enhancements as a part of product development.  Provides engineering management periodic status updates as required.  This position will involve some travel and some extended overnight stays. 


  • Development, qualification and implementation of gas products/components that meet or exceed both in-house and customer testing requirements for EMANA and Global  products
  • Chair design and project reviews as required
  • Develops project schedules to PCP guidelines in support of project goals and objectives.
  • Actively participate in cost out development activities as related to gas product/components without suffering product quality or target performance measures
  • Work with quality and service to identify and address any issues that are identified to be related to gas product/components
  • Work with vendor base to insure gas product/components meets all defined testing / quality requirements
  • Work with customers in development of gas product/components specifications and requirements to the benefit of both EMANA and the customer
  • Work with EMANA OEM suppliers to insure performance to set gas product/components specifications
  • Direct the activities of assigned designers and drafters.
  • Prepare and direct preparation of engineering documentation (ECN’s, BOM’s, Drawings, and Specifications)
  • Oversee disposition of first piece sample approvals.
  • Demonstrate creative ability through invention or other significant contributions to the profession.
  • Interface with Marketing, Manufacturing, Quality, Purchasing, and Outside Suppliers to provide or obtain necessary information.
  • Perform any and all functions as outlined by Engineering Management; participate in special function teams and support production as required.
  • Fully supports company programs, policies and objectives

Minimum Qualification


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering is required
  • Minimum of 8 years of gas product/components design related experience is preferred
  • Gas Appliance development experience is a plus
  • Demonstrated PC proficiency is required
  • Ability to travel is required

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