Supplier Development Director, Global Product Line & Regional
Purchasing & Sourcing
Full Time
Charlotte, Nc


The objective of the position is to lead the supplier development organisation with the aim to assist and drive strategic suppliers in making long-lasting improvements in their performance in terms of quality, process efficiency and flexibility, organizational set-up.
Global Product Line Supplier Development Director is expected to have had operational experience in a manufacturing environment and has acquitted a good knowledge of manufacturing excellence tools and techniques (as Lean Manufacturing, 6Sigma is plus), with advanced knowledge in Quality, process (automation and injection/stamping tooling), new product introduction (PPAP…) and material flow. She/He reports to Global Supplier Development head.


  • Responsible to implement and follow global SD processes (i.e. SD1.0 and SD 2.0) and methods and he/she must contribute to its continuous improvement.
  • Direct reporting with the SD teams based in her/his region and functional reporting with SD teams from her/his same GPL but based in others regions.
  • Collect and prioritize inputs for supplier development projects, from her/his Product Line Purchasing VP, the Global
  • Categories VPs and others GPL SD Directors.
  • Define priority for supplier development projects using an objective rating system.
  • Decide together with stakeholders Strategic suppliers and priorities for the projects.
  • Prepare and lead Kick off meetings with Supplier top management.
  • Ensure confirmation and commitment from Supplier top Management for the project
  • Evaluate during Pre-diagnostic meeting areas to focus on.
  • Evaluate during Diagnostic workshop with the team the supplier processes and define areas and targets for improvement.
  • Align with Supplier Top Management KPI’s and timing for the project.
  • Convince and support implementation of lean methodologies and team.
  • Establish regular meetings with Supplier Top Management to follow up KPI status and timing.
  • Ensure result and timing of the projects.
  • Escalate blockings in case needed.
  • Evaluate if support functions are needed for special topics and ensure their participation.
  • Monthly reporting about actions, progress and KPI status of the projects.
  • Follow up regularly the progress of supplier development plans with the team leaders.
  • Establish professional work situation with suppliers and relevant stakeholders.
  • Establish regularly team meetings to share best practices and facilitate cross-sharing.
  • Ensure regular competencies assessment of her/his team members and define accordingly the priorities for their development plans.
  • Establish regularly reporting of the project status.
  • Ensure training of the team.

Minimum Qualification


  • Bachelor's Degree
  • 10+ years of relevant experience, in manufacturing/production, manufacturing engineering, logistics or Quality.
  • Minimum of 3 years in Lean Manufacturing position using Value Stream Mapping, Total Productive/Preventive Maintenance, OEE, 5S, SMED, Tooling construction, automation competencies are a serious asset.
  • 5 years in leading people with a leadership role.