Supplier Development Manager APAC MEA, Group Purchasing
Purchasing & Sourcing
Full Time
Shanghai, China

1.      Job Description


The objective of the position is to drive and assist “strategic” suppliers in making long-lasting improvements in their performance in terms of quality, process efficiency (incl. Automation) and flexibility, organizational set-up.

EMEA Supplier Development Manager is expected to have had its  operational experience in a manufacturing environment and has acquited a good knowledge of manufacturing excellence tools and techniques, with sufficient knowledge in Quality and material flow .

She/He reports to the head of Supplier Development.

2.      Key Operational Responsibilities


The EMEA Supplier Development Manager will be responsible to:

-        Lead the APACMEA SD team.

-        Responsible to implement and follow global SD processes (i.e. SD1.0 and SD 2.0) and methods and he/she must contribute to its continuous improvement.

-        Ensure result and timing of the projects

-        Evaluate together with the team during lean assessment meeting opportunities for improvement

-        Define together with Electrolux team and Supplier during Lean assessment meeting, areas for improvement.

-        Use supplier development tools like, Process mapping, Value Stream mapping, etc. to identify improvement areas.

-        Check data availability and consistency

-        Define prioritties for the different improvement areas

-        Define with Electrolux Purchasing management and suppliers KPI and targets to achieve

-        Force and support the customized Supplier lean program and team implementation.

-        Support and force cultural change at supplier.

-        Screening of the different supplier processes / areas

-        Define Action plan with the supplier including targets, Timing, and responsibilities for each action

-        Establish regular workshops with suppliers.

-        Define with the team the workshop AGENDA and Timing.

-        Evaluate if support functions needed for special topics and ensure their participation.

-        Lead supplier development Workshops and Team.

-        Collaborate closely with the commodity manager during the project.

-        Follow up Action Plan established between Electrolux and Supplier regularly.

-        Verify regularly data consistency.

-        Ensure timing agreed in the action plan

-        Escalate blockings in case needed.

-        Monthly reporting about actions, progress and KPI status

-        Establish professional work situation with suppliers and relevant stakeholders

-        Aim for automatization of processes where it brings a benefit, in terms of efficiency, cost and quality.

-        Able to drive and support Value Based Sourcing projects thru SD 2.0 and early supplier involvement

-        Connect frequently with Purchasing and Quality colleagues to ensure proper attention is being paid on the progress that is made with the supplier. The goal is to translate the progress also into tangible benefits for Electrolux.











2.1.        Organisation and Execution


The supplier development role is both adventurous and independent. Operating daily in the field with contact to the higher levels in a supplier organization. Simultaneously she/he is capable of working with operational challenges to drive improvements.

Great analytical capabilities combined with excellent communication skills are need to convince the suppliers to believe in and execute the commonly established plans. Regular progress reports provided to both supplier and Electrolux Leadership. 

For this it in required ensuring a good relationship with Quality, Manufacturing, Logistics, R&D and Purchasing by:

-        Maintaining good collaboration with supplier team and all stakeholders.

-        Connecting frequently with the colleagues to align on project progress and result building

-        Organizing a professional transfer / exchange of information.

-        Keeping the best interest of Electrolux in mind in all decisions

-        Exchanging information with all stakeholders.

-        Establish and drive activities to achieve the planned results.

-        Prepare,and organize training for teams with clear inputs and tasks

-        Being center of knowledge and best pratice for process excellence inside EMEA with continuous inputs and feedback with Purchasing and stakeholders.

-        Keep supplier data confidential.

-        Coatching the team.



2.2.        Strategic and Operational activities


-        As suppliers are an important part of Supply chain of Electrolux, a solid, reliable and perfect supplier base is the base for Electrolux.

As we strive for continuous improvement, the Supplier Development manager will work together with the team to achieve the agreed target for the project, , ensure the improvements and keep the organization aware of challenges and progress


-        Ensure compliance with Electrolux procedures

o   Reporting

o   Contracting.

3.      Reporting to


-        Supplier Development head at Global, PL or Regional levels















4.      Competences needed

4.1.        Eduction


Technical degree at industrial engineering level or equivalent by experience


4.2.        Experience required


-        5+ years of relevant experience as manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, logistics or Quality,

-        Minimum of 2 years in Lean Manufacturing

-        In Value Stream mapping (VSM), Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM), OEE, 5S, SMED, line balancing, Wastes elimination…

-        Problem solving capabilities

-        Time Methods and Measurement (MTM) study,

-        PPAP,

-        D/P-FMEA

-        Design For x (x for Manufacturing, Assembly and Automation)

-        Packaging and supply optimization (transportation i.e. milk run, warehouse, small train concept)

-        Basic know how about Injection molding and stamping tool concept and technology is a serious asset.


4.3.        Personal Characteristics


-        Stress resistant.

-        Adventurous and inquisitive

-        Result driven and action oriented.

-        Good communicator

-        Outspoken person

-        Strong team player.

-        Maturity to work with Supplier management

-        Ability and willingness to travel

4.4.        Languages


Fluent in English, any other European language is an asset.

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