Supply Chain Industrial Engineer
Supply Chain
Full Time
Springfield, Tn


  • Serve as a process improvement leader, Material delivery expert, and system designer.
  • Analyze Material Flow in order to drive & develop standardization & Best Practice solution.
  • Design and implement effective material flow from goods receiving to the point of use.
  • Identify, develop and implement Best Practices for lean material flow strategies directly with IT.
  • Support the factory planning functions with best practice design and set-up.
  • Develop and implement solutions for line side presentation.
  • Execute projects that drive enhanced productivity and quality throughout the Supply Chain.
  • Learn and document current processes and systems, develop metrics where none currently exist, and implement process changes with operational leaders.
  • Plan and implement the overall Supply Chain strategy using EMS/MEP (Electrolux Manufacturing System /Material Excellence Program) guidelines.
  • Determine efficient utilization of resources by analyzing layouts, labor force, equipment, driver and equipment utilization charts.
  • Improve Supply Chain processes through application of lean manufacturing techniques to reduce waste, costs and improve quality.
  • Perform, analyze, and summarize ergonomic studies as needed. Understand and utilize 5S, 7 Waste, VSM (Value Stream Mapping) and Problem Solving tools.
  • Develop and implement effective work place layouts using AutoCAD as required.
  • Measure current packaging solutions and develop standardized packaging for internally produced components.
  • Support PFEP (Plan For Every Part) leader with any packaging designs or changes.
  • Perform timely completion of projects and reports.
  • Supports business development and helps create efficient designs and solutions processes.
  • Participate as a member of cross-functional teams to improve material flow.
  • Develop a continuous improvement environment challenging the norms and seeking alternative ways.
  • Train and develop people according to company standards.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualification


  • Candidate must have a Bachelors or foreign equivalent degree in Industrial Engineering or Supply Chain Management and three years’ supply chain experience including packaging, flow definition, layout development, conveying and product handling.
  • Must have: proven experience in 5S, Kanban, 7 wastes concepts and Lean Manufacturing; experience in working with manufacturing process improvements; experience using engineering tools such as AutoCAD and value stream mapping to optimize flow and perform resource utilization analysis; experience driving and implementing change; experience using PFEP (Plan for Every Part) Database to make improvements to part supply process including part packaging improvements, line presentation, and delivery routes; experience planning and implementing the overall Supply Chain strategy using “One Piece Flow” concepts as well as maximum capacity at production lines to allow better material flow, delivery routes and line presentation;. experience in packaging Design. 

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