Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain
Full Time
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Your Role

  • To manage the end-to-end supply chain for the Malaysia market with a particular focus on demand forecast and supply planning, support sales team in ordering processing , inbound logistics and customs clearance and warehouse and distribution aiming to reliably meet the following objectives:
  • Support sales growth through improved product availability (NS%).
  • Improve our cost base through reduced transportation, warehousing and write-off cost (EBIT%).
  • Improve working capital through optimized inventory (NOWC%).
  • Continuous improvement processes and cost saving program

A Typical Day

Demand/Supply Planning

  • Develop demand forecast at PNC level using historical sales data, statistical forecasting techniques and business intelligence to create a baseline forecast. Work with Product, Sales and Marketing to get inputs on promotions, competitor developments and other business intelligence to create the rolling 18-months demand plan. Actively drive customer collaboration initiatives to help improve forecast accuracy.
  • Set the appropriate inventory targets to ensure service commitments in line with budget/forecasts and directives from regional leadership to our customers can be met whilst optimizing working capital (NOWC%, slow moving).
  • Develop the supply plans needed to maintain the optimal inventory levels and ensure timely placing of purchase orders to internal and external suppliers.
  • Develop an effective relationship with suppliers (internal and external) and inform them of changes to the supply forecast on a timely basis. Monitor the performance levels of the suppliers and escalate supply issues in a constructive manner as and when they arise.
  • Actively participate in the regional S&OP cycle by ensuring requested data is accurate/up-to-date and provided to other stakeholders in a timely matter, explain deviations and anomalies and provide solutions or propositions.
  • Work with Product Line and Sales to create an optimal supply base and product portfolio aimed at improving stock turns, reducing obsolescence and scrapping cost.
  • Work with Sales (and the trade) as well as the 3PL partners to reduce product/packaging damage and returns as well as optimize the supply routing and stocking policies to meet the demand at the lowest possible cost and inventory levels.
  • Facilitate and lead the local Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process in line with the regional framework and timetable covering each of the key elements (Product Review, Demand Review, Supply Review and Executive S&OP) on a weekly and monthly basis.

Logistics, Warehousing & Transportation

  • Align with the suppliers and freight forwarders to ensure timely departure and arrival of the supplies at the desired destination.
  • Work with our customs brokers to ensure goods are cleared quickly and efficiently. Ensure the necessary certificates, import licenses, etc. are acquired in time and maintained to ensure smooth supplies and low operational cost.
  • Manage our 3PL partners to ensure day-to-day logistics activities across in-bound logistics, warehousing operations, distribution, returns and document management (including PODs) are executed in line with agreed performance levels/contracted Service Level Agreements (SLA) whilst continuously driving down our cost base.
  • Work with 3PL partners to achieve year on year saving and continuous improvement program
  • As and when appropriate facilitate and drive the 3PL RFP process to ensure rates are competitive and services meet the necessary standards.
  • Actively work with the 3PL partners to adopt and apply the Electrolux code of conduct and manage their operations in a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly way.


  • Understand customers’ needs, service those needs, and maintain and develop positive business relationships with a customer’s key personnel involved in or directly relevant to supply chain activities
  • Pro-actively collaborate with supply chain staff, other departments and senior management to clarify and align on management objectives, to share and absorb information about business developments and performance and to highlight and address issues and opportunities.
  • Direct the hiring, training, supervision, mentoring, and performance evaluations of supply chain staff.
  • Direct, coordinate, assign, monitor and review the work of individuals engaged in supply chain related duties so targets are met and resources are used efficiently.
  • Develop and coach the team enabling them to take on more responsibilities and more complex tasks. Regularly review performance of the staff to help improve performance over time.
  • Develop annual business plans with the appropriate prioritization and resourcing based on local and regional management directives.
  • Identify and manage risk within the supply chain. Highlight and address unethical/unlawful practices.
  • Use given key performance indicators (local, regional, global), monitor and report ongoing performance and improve performance against set goals.
  • Stay informed of advances in supply chain technology, methodologies and best practices and apply these (once the required approvals and necessary buy-in has been obtained) within the organization to improve supply chain processes and business performance in general.
  • Drive or support local, regional or global projects to improve performance as and when requested.

Core Competencies

  • Degree in Supply Chain/Logistics or Business
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in Supply Chain management (Planning and Logistics), ideally in a sales/manufacturing organization within the (durable) consumer goods
  • Excellent understanding of operational demand forecasting and supply planning concepts and proven ability to apply these in practice
  • Experience with planning, preparing and leading S&OP meetings
  • Solid understanding of core warehousing, logistics and distribution processes. A good appreciation of the unique challenges and opportunities in relation to the before mentioned within the Malaysia context
  • Proven ability to consistently improve performance in the areas of service level improvement, inventory reduction or cost reduction/saving
  • Working knowledge of modern supply chain concepts such a safety vs. cycle stock, VMI, postponement, CPFR, cross-docking, network planning, inventory optimization, etc.
  • Hands-on experience with team management and leadership. The ability to perform as part of a management team environment. Has the ability to get the best out of the team.
  • A basic understanding of local export/import regulations and custom brokerage processes
  • Experience working with ERP solutions (for example SAP, etc.) and advanced supply chain planning tools (for example SAP-IBP, Demand Solutions, etc.)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint.
  • Basic Project Management skills and ideally experience with Lean six Sigma Continuous Improvement methodology
  • Language skills: both verbal and written fluency in English is a must

Who You Are

  • Operates ethically and with integrity and honesty. Is transparent in terms of his/her intentions and actions.
  • Has a passion for innovation, is focused on the needs of customer (internal/external) and drives for results.
  • Acts as a team player who understands that the collective is stronger than the individual and is willing to go beyond the formal responsibilities of the job to assist colleagues and drive overall company performance
  • Ability to influence his peers, manage upwards and motivate the team. Ability to negotiate with both internal and external parties. Manages expectations effectively.
  • Expresses a high work ethic, is self-driven, energetic, adaptable and resilient when dealing with adversity.
  • Self-aware, takes responsibility for his/her actions, is pro-active and result oriented.
  • Positive attitude, deals with issues in a constructive and pragmatic manner. Effectively seeks inputs from (key) stakeholders to help create the best possible solution (from overall company perspective) and ensure the necessary buy-in to deliver results at speed
  • Ability to build relationships across functions and organizational hierarchies (internal and external) and develop/maintain a collaborative environment.


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