Sustainability Leader (Plant Green Spirit Leader
Industrial Operations
Full Time
Juarez, Mexico

A REGULAR DAY AT WORK (Essential Duties):

For us going to work every day has an even greater purpose than putting the latest product or technology on the market. It’s about improving the everyday lives of millions. By being sustainable and open to new ideas we can push the boundaries of cooking, cleaning, and wellbeing at home. But to keep doing so, we need more people who want to innovate and re-imagine what life at home can be.  

As the Sustainability Leader, you have the responsibility to lead the plant to develop, implement and improve energy and water efficiency programs, ensure certification to the ISO 50001 standard for energy management systems, and guide the business to reaching the Electrolux Group sustainability strategy climate neutral operations by the year 2030. You will lead Electrolux’s Green Spirit team to implement roadmaps and action plans for targets to improve energy and water efficiency, reduce operating cost, and reach climate neutral operations. You will help to implement key performance indicators with annual targets to improve energy and water efficiency and develops and manages energy and water savings plans to achieve the targets. You will work to promote engagement by creating opportunities for all employees to contribute to the Green Spirit program and guide plant leadership to integrate Green Spirit into the company culture.


•Leads and guides plant personnel to meet and exceed a 4-Star level Green Spirit program internal certification year after year and to achieve ISO 50001 certification by the end of 2021.

•Manages Green Spirit team and coordinates re-occurring meetings, creates the agenda, follows the savings activities, and documents KPI status, team decisions and meeting minutes.

•Actively participates on BA North America Green Spirit team, contributing to the agenda as specified by the BA Green Spirit leader, in accordance with the global Green Spirit program.

•Leads treasure hunts and workshops with plant personnel to identify opportunities to reduce water, energy and operating cost and to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

•Develops standard operating procedures, instructions, guidelines and visual aides to support compliance with global Green Spirit program and ISO 50001 energy management standard.

•Creates and delivers training and communications on Green Spirit program and ISO 50001.

•Develops and presents the sustainability business case to management team and controlling to secure the approval of capital investments needed to implement the Green Spirit roadmap. 

•Collects, tracks, analyzes and reports energy and water consumption data on a monthly basis and oversees plant investigations focused on replacing fossil fuel energy with renewable sources.

•Uses regression analysis to support plant with analyzing past performance and with predicting future energy and water consumption, based on the key factors influencing resource demand. 

•Responsible for applying all requirements related to EMS, ISO9001/14001/50001/Green Spirit according to the position. 

•Ensure the energy management system is established, implemented, maintained, and continuously improved.

•Ensure that the management system meets the requirements of ISO 50001: 2018

•Implement action plans to continually improve energy and water performance.

•Report the performance and improvement of the energy and water management system to senior management at specified intervals.

In relation to responsibility and authority in matters of safety, hygiene, and the environment:

It is the employee's responsibility to work safely, hygienically and in an environmentally responsible manner; focused but not limited to the prevention of incidents and accidents in your work area, section and colleagues.
Reinforcing the hygiene and safety measures indicated, as well as the participation in the company's environmental and safety programs, such as but not limited to: The segregation of materials; environmental certifications; health and safety hygiene programs that are carried out and in the way that your participation is determined or requested
It is the employee's responsibility to know the policy, objectives and action plans of the ISO 50001 energy management system, as well as its significant uses of energy.

In relation to the authority, all employees have the authority to stop processes, operations or activities that represent a risk in terms of safety, hygiene and / or environment, and that could result in an accident or serious event, as well as impact on the environment.
Given the sensitivity of a decision of this type for the affectation that it represents, it is requested and recommended to have justification, objectivity and common sense.

transform to a better life 
Key drivers:  Create best work experiences in a sustainable manner, with continuous improvement


•Ours is a dynamic, fast-paced environment that asks for flexibility and agility.

•You work with urgency, analyzing and adapting to different situations, quickly understanding changes and reacting confidently and decisively.

•You build trust, good working relationships and communicate effectively with your colleagues and across functions.

•You can make yourself understood and are a good listener.

•You have a vision and a purpose, and you can inspire and influence others to not only share it, but apply their abilities to achieving it.

•You set the pace and the priorities, and then you bring a methodical approach to meeting your goals.

•You are driven to succeed and focused on leading your team to achieve.

Minimum Qualification

EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE (Minimum Qualifications):

• Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering, energy engineering, facilities engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or environmental engineering. (Preferred: Master's Degree in sustainability engineering or sustainability management, energy management, water management, climate strategy/policy, or industrial ecology)

• 5-10 years of professional experience in a manufacturing work environment

• Must be proficient in English language, both written and oral.

• Must be proficient in Excel, Word, and Power Point with basic skills and experience with databases. 

• Experience with identifying, planning and implementing energy and water saving activities or projects that led to reduced operating cost and environmental impact.

• Technical skills to calculate the energy, water and CO2 footprint of manufacturing equipment and building systems as well as perform analysis and trending of KPIs.

• Experience with energy and water monitoring and measurement systems and tools.

• Experience benchmarking and networking to identify and implement best practices.


• Knowledge in energy management systems ISO 50001 (Significant Energy Uses, Energy Policy, objectives and actions plans, operational controls and energy indicator performance).

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