Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Laboratory Engineer (Temporary)
Full Time
Porcia, Italy

This opportunity focuses on preparation and execution of laboratory activities related to the evaluation of performance on tumble dryers, with special emphasis on thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, supporting the development of new projects in compliance with appropriate standards and ensuring the achievement of technical targets.  


The objectives of the positions are to:
• Ensure product performances verifications according to legislation and applicable standards
• Extensively apply lab testing methodology 
• Support Laboratory organization to define and execute test plan
• Generate improvement and innovation proposals
• Analyze and report test results
• Assure alignment on test methodologies and application of best practices 
• Handle manual activities such as assembly/disassembly of products/components, test setup preparation, test execution.

Your key responsibilities will be as follows:
• Understanding of testing procedures, standard and customized. 
• Test plan definition according to required targets and respecting timelines and deliverables.
• Definition of novel test practices upon need
• Test execution on new components on dedicated test benches or on the application during all development stages, including setting up and testing preparation.
• Test report preparation and release after an appropriate data analysis.
• Assembly and verification of prototypes of components, systems or appliances for lab testing.
• Understanding of product technical specifications.
• Support the introduction of new technologies in cooperation with the relevant departments.

• Analytical thinking and practical problem solving skills
• Good communication skills and able to work well in a team
• Open-minded
• Highly organized and responsible 
• Proactive and innovative 
• Creative in solving problems
• Result driven approach
• Resilient and adaptable
• Willing to travel


• Mechanical / Aeronautical / Energy Engineering or Electrical degree.
• 1-3 years of experience as R&D lab and/or Quality engineer
• Knowledge of laboratory equipment, data acquisitions system, testing procedures and evaluation of results
• Basic knowledge of heat pump systems and thermodynamics of humid air
• Knowledge of statistical methods and tools
• Project management knowledge is a plus
• Basic software programming and competence in Excel and MatLab 

Required Language:
• Italian 
• English – fluent in presenting the outcome of Lab activities