Trade Marketing Operations Specialist
Full Time
Tokyo, Tokyo

Your Role

As Trade Marketing Operations (TMO) Specialist you will be responsible for excellent deployment of all marketing assets and campaigns in retail & TVHS environment to ensure best in class in-store presence of our brands, improve consumer experience and drive sales of our products. In this role you will not have direct reports but will be working closely with marketing and sales teams, both within Electrolux and our trade partners, managing agencies, production as well as organizing and controlling merchandising.

A Typical Day


You will be responsible for designing new attractive retail displays and updating current ones with the goal
of providing an excellent in-store experience and driving sales. You might be supported in this task by external agencies therefore you need to be able make proper briefings, give feedbacks and monitor progress until completion;


You will need to ensure compliance of those displays with company brand and retail guidelines as well as its consistency across multiple store locations. That will require working closely with regional team, following company processes and obtaining approvals when necessary;

You need to be able to liaise with other stakeholders, including marketing & sales colleagues within Electrolux as well as marketing & retail executives on trade partner side, in order to get approval of the final designs and align on the implementation timeline;

Supervising production and installation process as well as contractors involved will be part of your daily job. You will be accountable for ensuring timely and qualitative execution within given budget;


Electrolux offers wide variety of products in several categories. Proper in-store communication of our products benefits is key to improve consumer experience and drive sales. In your role you will be working closely with your colleagues from 360 Marketing team to understand all POSMs available and planned (i.e. stickers, wobblers, toppers, leaflets, catalogues and other product & promotional information);

You will be expected to plan appropriate quantities of all those materials based on number of stores, display presence and trade partner agreements in order to secure its availability on time and optimize production costs;

You will need to identify the most appropriate printer / manufacturer for the job, based on a balance of competitiveness, quality and service, following company procurement procedures;

You have to be able to manage printer proof / mock up approval process including reviewing the proof / mock up to ensure colour, layout, size, material etc. are as per approved artwork;


You will be responsible for ensuring that all produced POSMs are being displayed in the stores in a proper way and on time. To make it happen you need to be able to define optimized POSM distribution model (i.e. using external merchandisers, internal company resources) and define tracking and reporting scheme;

Creating merchandising plans & guidelines as well as team briefings will be part of your daily work;

You will be expected to track the progress, report, drive and own in-store KPIs (such us merchandising index, star product compliance index);

Work closely with promoters at a retail store and advice on how to increase sales (Shopper communication, display, other promotion activities, etc.)

You will be expected to support other trade activities, i.e. Trade Presentation, Catalogue, TVHS contents development, to drive sell out.

From time to time, you will be tasked to oversee the completion of a project or be given temporary additional role/s to stretch your capabilities for growth and development within Electrolux.

In this role, you will be dealing with Electrolux’ internal and external customers. You should also be confident in dealing with leaders both from a country level and region perspective.

In Electrolux, we encourage open communication at all levels and put emphasis on dealing with our customers as well as colleagues with integrity and respect. You will be working in (city, country) office on regular working hours and may be required to travel both domestic and international.

Minimum Qualification

Who You Are

For you to succeed in this role, you should be:

Expert- You not only know your area of expertise, you’re passionate about delivering simply outstanding consumer experiences.

A completer- You start and you finish, taking responsibility for getting things done, on time and to high quality, tying up all the loose ends along the way.

Team player - In this role, cross-functional collaboration is crucial, so you should be comfortable in dealing with people with different backgrounds and responsibility;

Agile– you work with urgency, analyzing and adapting to different situations, quickly understanding changes and reacting confidently and decisively;

Open – You keep the consumer and customer front of mind, bringing an outside-in perspective, encouraging cross-collaboration, leveraging diversity and encouraging open feedback;


You should have university degree

Japanese: Native or business level

Business level English is required


At least 3 years of experience in Trade marketing/Channel marketing/Retail marketing

Experience in working with agencies, printing houses

Driving license

IT Skill (Word/Excel/PPT is must, Excel function and Photoshop/illustrator are preferred)

Experience in home electric appliance shops (Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, Yodobashi, etc.) is required

Apply now

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible as candidates will be interviewed continuously. The position may be filled prior to the date described as 'Apply by'