Reinventing taste, care and wellbeing

Starting a century ago with a single vacuum sale, we’ve grown to be a global leader in home and professional appliances with one purpose in mind: to shape living for the better. We do this by reinventing taste, care and wellbeing experiences for more enjoyable and sustainable living around the world.

This Is How We Shape the Future Together

For more than one hundred years, Electrolux employees have reinvented the way people cook and take care of their clothes and homes, improving everyday life for millions around the world. Today, we are still a driving force shaping living for the better, by creating enjoyable and sustainable consumer experiences.

In today´s rapidly changing world, as we transform as a company, we encourage and invest in the professional development of our people. To reach our full potential as a company, we believe that you need to reach your full potential as an individual.

And for that we offer you the possibility of widening your perspectives beyond the ordinary and growing your global network in a truly multicultural company. You will collaborate with other passionate and business-minded people and together explore new ways to make an impact on consumer experiences and lives worldwide. Our culture of ownership and accountability, where we continuously learn and improve, will empower you to grow. You take responsibility for your career development by exploring new business ideas and developing your skills beyond current needs.

You can become an innovator in design, connected appliances and services, smart manufacturing, or find more efficient and sustainable solutions for our products and our planet. If instead, you make our products and work in our smart factories, we will empower you by advancing your skills and contributing to your professional growth. Whatever path you take, we are here to support you as you shape your own future.

In return you are: consumer focused, open to cross collaboration, you have the energy to deliver great results with agility, and the ambition to grow.

At Electrolux we believe our differences make us better and we are committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Tomorrow is determined by the way we live today. Caring for our common resources is part of our roots and we strive to embed it in everything we do. Through small and big actions and great inventions, we optimize products and ways of working – and enable better living for everyone.

Join us to shape living for the better!

+49,000 employees all around the world.

We have offices in over 60 countries.

27% managers are women.

This Is What You Find Here

Freedom to shape your future

With Electrolux you never have to stay in a box. You can grow into new functions, move upwards, sideways or across several country borders.
You take responsibility for your growth in the everyday work when you explore new business ideas and develop skills beyond current needs. And we’re there to support you as you learn, improve and grow in your career.

Expand and explore new ways to make an Impact

Working for Electrolux, you’re part of shaping living for the better through innovative products and enjoyable experiences. You thrive in our culture of ownership and accountability. We want to empower you to be an intrapreneur and collaborate with other passionate and business-minded people across the organization to solve problems your way. With your energy, creativity and focus on our consumers you really make a difference.

Widen your perspectives beyond the ordinary

Many companies are international, but we are truly multicultural. With curiosity we seek to embrace our differences and learn from each other. It’s challenging sometimes, but oh so rewarding. Enjoying cross-collaboration, diversity and open feedback is necessary to thrive in our culture as we work closely together. Joining Electrolux means widening your perspectives even further – and growing your global network.

Enable sustainable living for everyone

Taking care of our common resources is part of our roots and we make an effort to embed it in everything we do. At Electrolux we value both small actions and great inventions that improve the home-life of our consumers and help them live a more sustainable everyday life. We constantly optimize products and ways of working to make sure we take our responsibility as a company and employer.

Our teams

We are a global team of over 49,000 people in more than 60 countries. It is our multicultural DNA that makes us strong, which drives us to actively break silos and find synergies in reaching the best possible solutions to complex challenges.

Our people

We learn by doing and we develop through interactions. Our results-driven people have the freedom to lead their own work with the responsibilities that go with it. For us, continuous improvement is a way of life.

Our purpose

Our purpose to “shape living for the better” inspires us every day in our work and actions. We are committed to making sustainable living a reality for every consumer, every home and every appliance touch point.

What we bring every day

We bring energy

We drive and deliver business results to meet both short and long-term goals.

We inspire and engage people while fostering a culture of accountability and ownership.

We embrace openness

We keep the end consumer and customer in mind through an outside-in perspective.

We encourage cross-collaboration – leveraging diversity and open feedback.

We work with agility

We quickly understand and react to changes and takes decision despite instabilities and

We analyze and adapt to different people and situations, and remain composed during ambiguity.

We strive for growth

We explore new business ideas and continuously improve to build core capabilities.

We develop talents and learn new skills beyond own business needs.

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