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Our sustainability journey

We all share this world together. Despite some progress, the state of our planet continues to decline. We all must act to protect our resources and regenerate them to heal our home. At Electrolux, sustainability is embedded in every action and every project. It is part of our DNA, our ways of working and the way we do business and set priorities. Our purpose to “Shape living for the better” is more than a corporate phrase. It’s how we come to work and face every day, and it’s how we go home and live. It is a way of caring for us, for our clothes, our wellbeing and our planet. ​​Still not convinced? Let us show you what we’re doing.

For the better 2030: our strategy in nine goals

Our employees are passionate and committed to change. Together, we have developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy to guide our actions and decisions. Sustainable living isn't new for us. We've been shaping living for the better for over 100 years. Our commitment has never wavered. Yet, the climate crisis we face today requires bold, urgent actions from each of us. These nine promises and climate targets guide us like a North Star as we shape a better living.
Be climate neutral and drive clean, resource efficient operations

Act ethically, lead in diversity and respect human rights
Drive supply chain sustainability
Lead in energy - and resource - efficient solutions

Offer circular solutions and business models
Eliminate harmful materials
Make sustainable eating the preferred choice​​​​​

Make clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact
Make homes healthier and sustainable using smart solutions for air, water and floors

Engaging young generations

When it comes to shaping living for tomorrow, we needed to reach out to those who are most affected. As part of our strive for better living, we surveyed almost 14,000 young people because we want to do what we can to create solutions that meet their needs and desires.
Our work didn’t stop at the end of the interview. We continue to work together to design a better future based on their fears, wants, and wishes. Their time for running the world may be coming, but the time for hearing them out is now. Read more about the work we are doing with sustainability and how our decisions and actions lead to a Better Company with Better Solutions for Better Living.

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