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Our colleagues come from all backgrounds, religions, nationalities, gender orientation and cultures to fulfill our shared purpose of shaping living for the better. When you join us, we want you to bring your true authentic self into our multi-cultural family. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Three pillars guide our diversity journey as we strive to create equal representation, respect and opportunities for everyone. These pillars provide a framework for our work, whether it’s company-wide diversity initiatives, local committees, or everyday work. By doing so, we create an environment where we all can grow.


Develop a diverse and talented global team


Nurture an inclusive workplace

Equal treatment

Treat people equally and with respect
It’s about passionate people who wanted to change the world like all of us who come to work everyday, with the purpose of shape living for the better. We can’t forget about the dedicated people who tirelessly travelled the world to bring new solutions to homeowners starting with our sales force back in the day, who were selling vacuum cleaners door to door and travelling long distances by car.
Our story is about those who needed life to be easier and those who worked hard to make that happen.  The story of Electrolux is a history of “being the first to launch”. It’s a history born of innovation and design and founded upon working hard to create sustainable and efficient solutions.  Our history is also a history of acquisitions and divestments. Over the years, many companies and products have been part of the Electrolux family: from vacuum cleaners to caravan fridges and major kitchen appliances and garden products such as chainsaws and lawnmowers, to name a few.
We have been shaping living for the better for over a 100 years. Because we believe that outstanding taste experiences should be easy for everyone, that there is always a better way to care for our clothes to make them look and feel new longer, and that our homes should be a place for wellbeing, a place to care for ourselves and our loved ones. For us, it’s not only about creating desirable solutions, but also about great experiences that enrich peoples’ daily lives and the health of our planet. We want to be a driving force in defining enjoyable and sustainable living.

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