Meet our teams

More than just putting out the latest product or technology to market, going to work every day has a greater purpose for us. It’s about shaping living for the better for millions of people. By staying close to who we are and open to new ideas, we can push the boundaries for taste, care and wellbeing at home.

Creating the experience

Be part of a team that’s innovating better products, ensuring their industry-leading quality or telling our story in over 150 markets. No matter if it’s Marketing, R&D, Design, Quality or Project Management, these teams always think beyond the products. We see the total experiences we provide our customers and make them desirable and sustainable.

Realizing our ideas

Build your career in over 50 countries with a team that manufactures, supplies or improves with cost-saving efficiencies. Whether it’s Manufacturing, Supply Chain or Purchasing & Sources, these teams all drive operational excellence. We bring better ideas to life on a big scale.

Running the business

Become part of the brand that builds global relationships worth billions of dollars, cares for hundreds of consumers, or knows where the best products should go. Whether it’s Sales, Consumer Care or Product Lines, these are the teams who keep our brand and business sales moving.

Business partners

Join the teams that are the backbone of our company. Work with numbers, people, legal, support or IT - just to name a few domains of this big and busy area of the business. These teams keep all 49,000 of us running every day.

A global work environment with a multicultural DNA

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