Designing with a human touch

Designing outstanding experiences lies at the heart of everything we do. This is about creating innovative and desirable products that are seamlessly part of our consumers’ daily lives. We work with a design philosophy that we call the “Human Touch.” This means designing products for all our senses – from the quality of materials, fit, feel and finish to the thoughtfulness of use and context. In a world where everything in the home is becoming connected, the role we play in Design ensures that every experience has that human connection. Great design creates outstanding consumer experiences and helps shape living for the better.

"My job is a constant exploration of people— we need to understand consumer’s needs, feelings and behaviour … it’s wonderful when I find out that I helped to make even just one person’s experience in the kitchen, for instance, easier."

- Davide Benvenuti, Senior Industrial Designer, Electrolux Professional

"I remember then telling a friend how ‘I wouldn’t apply’ for the Masters program in Industrial Design as it was impossible to get in, but then he challenged me and I applied just to prove him wrong."

- Pernilla Johansson, VP Design