Design with a Human Touch

Designing an outstanding experience is at the heart of everything we do!

Our design philosophy, ‘Human Touch’, means designing with the big picture in mind. We thrive when connecting foresight and creativity in an iterative, research-based approach.

From materials and sensorial perception to the consideration of seamless interaction, our solutions are geared towards the creation of desirable products and services that support the daily lives of our consumers.

A key role for the Electrolux Design team is to ensure our innovations support people make more sustainable choices. Great design creates outstanding consumer experiences and in turn, helps shape living for the better.

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"‘Phygital’ - despite it being a buzzword, it summarizes perfectly what I love about design! The marriage between physical and digital that makes every interaction moment an enjoyable experience because it is intuitive and seamless."

- Wan Lynn Ng, Design Lead | Digital Experience

"At Electrolux sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and I love the feeling of being part of changing things for the better and that our designs actually can make a difference for the future."

- Sara Hallin Sandström, Senior Master Designer, CMF | Wellbeing Design

"It's amazing to think how the decisions we make on projects affect the lives of millions of people. It makes me wake up every day and think about how to create sustainable solutions that will help the life of this generation and the upcoming ones."

- Gabriel Lied, Design Lead | Sustainability & Communication Design

"Our focus on Fit Feel Finish is our way to bring science to user perception. We look at product quality through design lenses, and work with the sensorial elements that turn our products into pleasant experiences to discover and use. I want to create products that users will love from the beginning and engage with for a long time!"

- Daniel Mesa, Master FFF Designer