Building brands you love

We want our consumers to love our brands. That’s why we have the goal of becoming a world-class consumer marketing company and are focused on delivering best-in-class consumer experiences. Our team focuses on building strong brands, creating remarkable 360° consumer experiences, and unleashing the tremendous digital power to improve foundational brand experiences and deliver breakthrough experiences.

"I am the leader for the brand, customer marketing, design studio and digital marketing teams. My role is to build distinct and desirable brands for profitable growth.
We all work together as one team and ensure we have the right brand plan and strategy for meeting our goals in this market."

- Richelle Barker, Marketing Director in Australia (Major Appliances APAC)

"I could not do the same thing over and over again— I need to always be challenged. Thanks to working in both international and domestic roles and in many different positions, I’ve learned a lot and made a lot of friends."

- Emma Corocher, Centers of Excellence Global Manager in Pordenone, Italy

"I am passionate about changing how we communicate products or features as well as how to drive that change. To discover what we need to know, we need to spend time with consumers, talk to them and also pick their brains about their lives and cooking challenges. We need to understand what they aspire to do and how we can help make a difference."

- Kamilla Dala, Director Electrolux Purpose & Partnerships- Global Brand Development
Product Marketing Director in Stockholm