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The history of Electrolux Group is the collection of stories of the men and women who've helped shape the company over the years

We find stories of success and defeat. It begins with innovative visionaries like our founder, who understood the need and potential that a machine like the vacuum cleaner could have.  
Our story is about those who needed life to be easier and those who worked hard to make that happen.  The story of Electrolux Group is a history of “being the first to launch”. It’s a history born of innovation and design and founded upon working hard to create sustainable and efficient solutions.  Our history is also a history of acquisitions and divestments. Over the years, many companies and products have been part of the Electrolux Group family: from vacuum cleaners to caravan fridges and major kitchen appliances and garden products such as chainsaws and lawnmowers, to name a few.
We have been shaping living for the better for over 100 years. Because we believe that outstanding taste experiences should be easy for everyone, that there is always a better way to care for our clothes to make them look and feel new longer, and that our homes should be a place for wellbeing, a place to care for ourselves and our loved ones. For us, it’s not only about creating desirable solutions, but also about great experiences that enrich peoples’ daily lives and the health of our planet. We want to be a driving force in defining enjoyable and sustainable living.

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See how we've evolved through the years

Ours is a history of design, innovation, sustainability, acquisitions and divestments.

1950s kitchen

Innovating from the start

1919: Electrolux Group is founded in Stockholm by Swedish sales entrepreneur Axel Wenner-Gren.

1921: Electrolux Group launches the Model V, an easy-to-use vacuum cleaner for the home. It weighs 5 kilos. 

1925: The first absorption fridge is launched in the market, bringing the possibility to store fresh food at home. 

1927: Floor polishers become part of the product range.

1930: Electrolux Group launches built-in fridges.

1938: Vacuum cleaner Z30, ("the Loaf”), designed by Laurelle Guild, keeps pace with the streamline trend.

1940: The kitchen “Assistant” is launched.
1944: With the acquisition of Sweden's Bohus Mekaniska Verkstad, Electrolux Group enters the washing machine category. 

Birth of modern design

1951: Electrolux Group launches their first home washing machine.
1958: Electrolux Group begins to export absorption fridges to the US for caravans. 

1959: First dishwasher launched by Electrolux Group as a benchtop model. Electrolux also launches the first combined fridge and freezer.

1963: Electrolux Group starts its own design department.

1964: Expansion to the professional business with sterilization equipment for the health industry. 

1967: First Electrolux Group floor dishwasher is launched. 
1969: Launch of a self-cleaning oven. 
An era of growth
1970: Electrolux Group launches their first microwave oven. 

1974: Electrolux Group becomes the number one producer in the world of vacuum cleaners. 

1977: Acquisition of Husqvarna. Chainsaws become a new product line. 

1984: Acquisition of Zanussi makes Electrolux Group the number one producer of food service equipment. 

1993: Electrolux Group acquires AEG.

1997:  The world’s first robotic vacuum cleaner is launched by Electrolux Group. 
1999: Launch of the first intelligent refrigerator, with functions such as recipe suggestions and internet shopping assistance.

The digital age

2003: Our Design Lab is established as an annual competition for design students around the world with the challenge of meeting the needs of tomorrow´s consumers.
2004: First stick vacuum cleaner launched. The ErgoRapido is developed  by observing modern cleaning behavior. 

2005: Stick vacuum cleaner wins prestigious design award.
2006: First steam tumble drier on the market.

2007: Sustainability recognition by European Commission with the Sustainable Energy Award, given to Electrolux Group as recognition of ongoing efforts to reduce energy consumption of products, factories and services. 
2009: Reducing energy consumption in our products continues to be a major focus: reached target of cutting consumption by 15% compared to 2005 levels. A renewed commitment is made to reduce a further 15% by 2012.

Connected technology

2010: We go green with our vacuum cleaners. Electrolux Group launches a range of five green vacuum cleaners made from 55-70% recycled plastics. When in use, the vacuums save up to 50% energy compared to an average cleaner.

2013: Electrolux Group launches the first washer-dryer in the market with heatpump technology. 

2014: Connected products: Electrolux Group takes an important step in the area of connected products, joining the AllSeen Alliance as a premier member. Electrolux Group is investing in this technology, which involves appliances communicating with each other, consumers and other devices.

2015: Launch of our first oven with a built-in camera.

2016: Acquisitions add water heaters (Kwikot) and wine fridges (Vintec) to our offering. Electrolux Group is rated for the 10th consecutive year as a Sustainability leader. 

2017: Acquisition of Anova for sous vide cooking, kitchen hoods and the Continental brand in Latin America.

2021: Electrolux Group puts out an open call to today’s youth to forge ideas together to address the climate issues facing our planet.