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Be free to shape your future

We believe in the growth potential inside each one of us. We believe that each of us carry different passions and ambitions. True growth happens when we follow our heart. It also means growing our career, and we know there is no one-size fits all when it comes to growth. At Electrolux Group, you never have to stay in a box.
You can grow into new functions, move upwards, sideways or across several country borders. You take responsibility for your growth in the everyday work when you explore new business ideas and develop skills beyond your current needs while leveraging the global and supportive structure of a big organization. And we’re here to support you as you learn, improve, grow and develop both personally and professionally.

Build your career with Electrolux Group

Stories from our employees

Brand & Product Marketing Director

Joe Oram-Fuller
In 2013, Joe applied for a role and was unsuccessful. But as part of the hiring process, he underwent a detailed leadership assessment. Here is what he had to say:

“I think that not being selected for this particular role, as well as receiving this assessment and feedback, was one of the key defining moments of my career. It provided a huge learning opportunity that I am very grateful for.” 

HRBP Director

Gabriela Aguirre
"I joined Electrolux Group in 2008 and, since then, I have held five positions based in four different countries: Ecuador, USA, Brazil and Sweden.

Working for a Global company like Electrolux Group has helped me grow into roles in different locations and continuous learn. My leaders and mentors in the company have supported this continuous growth, identifying development needs and guiding me with the right career steps."

Range Manager

Agustin Minvielle 
When he joined Electrolux Group in 2012, Agustin was determined to cross country borders in order to develop himself and take on new challenges. He says:

"Electrolux Group gives me the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment. It’s enabled me to acquire knowledge from the diversity within the team and also from cross-collaboration with colleagues throughout the company. This is knowledge that  I see as foundational to develop yourself in the modern corporate world." 

R&D Manager - EU Freestanding Category

Antonio Voltarelli
"I am deeply grateful to Electrolux Group for all the opportunities and support that I have been given so far.  

I have always been transparent with my managers about my intentions of growing and moving around the world, and they have supported me in my career moves.” 

AP SAP Specialist

Ewa Kurek
Ewa has been with Electrolux Group for eight years and has held four different positions in that time. She says:

"Electrolux Group gives me the opportunity to constantly develop my skills. I myself participate in language courses, and I also took part in many trainings including Agile Project Management and Change Management, which are very useful to me in my daily work.” 

Grow by learning

At Electrolux Group, we have a growth mindset. We view learning as something that happens every day, beyond training or the classroom. Whether at work, at home, at our desks or on the go, every moment is an opportunity to learn. When each of us grows, we can shape a better future for ourselves, the company and society.

We use a 70/20/10 approach to learning: 70% on the job, 20% through the colleagues you collaborate with every day and 10% through formal training. Our culture of learning means that when you join Electrolux Group, your growth is supported by professional experts, functional academies, universities, specialized training and coaching. Our offering even includes an online library of more than 1000 pieces of learning content. Whatever your needs, development plans and continued feedback make upskilling or reskilling easy and give you regular opportunities to change the course of your career.
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